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All training and workshops take place in a townhouse in the village of Ariany, in the north of the island, 15 minutes from Can Picafort and Manacor, and 40 minutes by car from Palma, and easy access by train.

It is a private space in a familiar and cozy atmosphere with a small group that doesn't exceed 8 people. The smaller the group the better the learning, and more attention is given to each student. It is a unique experience I offer in Mallorca and in this house.

Yoga Vinyasa Flow - RYT200

* Intensive program - 17 days - Schedule: 9:15am to 6:15pm

  • 2020:​​

    • January - 6 to 24 - in Spanish only​​

    • March 16 to April 3 - in English only

    • May 4 to 22 - in English only

    • ​July - 6 to 24 - in Spanish only

    • August - 10 to 28 - in English only


2050 € training only     -     2400 € with a private room

Includes all tuition for the 17-day intensive program, workbook, registration and Yoga Alliance certification. It also includes music, yoga books in PDF, guided meditations... I will hand out the students at the end of the training. 

Bring a USB with you!

Food cost is additional for those staying in the house with accommodation: 120 Euros for the 200RYT

Those who are coming just for the training (no accommodation) will have to bring their lunch.

The Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training is set on the beautiful island of Mallorca, and is a perfect training for those who wish to deepen their practice, and knowledge about the essence of yoga, and also for those aspiring to become teachers.

Learn to live your Yoga and find the spiritual in everyday life beyond the practice of Asanas and body contortions...

In this training I accept up to 8 people so I can give much more attention to each of the students.

I believe that a small group is way better for students but also for the teacher. In a small group we are only one united group.

Communication is easier for everyone, even for shy people, explanation is easier for the teacher, we have time to cover all the chapters without stress, and we also have time to rest and repair our body and mind. Each student has time to do their practical exams.


The main style taught is Vinyasa Flow. The word Vinyasa translates as to place in a special way. The common understanding of Vinyasa is a flowing sequence of specific asana coordinated with the movement of breath. Vinyasa requires that we cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next, one breath at a time.

This is a creative, dynamic and flowing form of yoga. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga for women helps to awaken our Shakti energy, our femininity and sensuality, through movements linked together with the breath like a creative dance. Moving with the breath into where your body wants to lead you, surrendering to the present moment by letting go of your feelings and emotions.​

At the end of the Yoga Teacher Training you will not only be qualified to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga but will also have the tools to teach other styles of yoga such as Restorative and Hatha Flow. We will be using yoga props such as blocks, straps, blankets, balls, and also chairs and wall, and the new "Feetup Trainer", to adapt each pose to each person, so everybody can find their own steady and comfortable asana according to the ability and limitations of their body.

Books to read before starting the training:

- The Science of the Soul, by Osho

Book to have with you for the Anatomy workshop:

- Anatomy of Movement, by Blandine Calais Germain

Interesting books to read before or after the training:

- The Yamas & Niyamas, Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice, by Deborah Adele

- Living your Yoga, finding the spiritual in everyday life,

by Judith Hanson Lasater


This is a very complete program for beginners but also for more advanced yoga practitioners. 

We study the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga in detail. We study all the anatomy systems but in-depth the muscular and bone systems, range of movements, joints, muscles involved in each posture, which is a very important part to understand that everybody has a different body that has its limits in each posture and that as a teacher we don’t want to injure our students. We want to teach them to do the Asanas in a safe way so they can enjoy the simplicity of the posture and focus on their breath.

- An overview of History of yoga – Bagavhad Gita – the four paths of yoga – the four limbs of yoga, study in-depth the Yamas and Niyamas.

- Asanas: Study of Asanas in these following categories: standing, seated, twisted, reclining, inverted, backbends, arms, and forearms balanced, and advanced postures, with names in Sanskrit, benefits, contraindications, and muscles function for each posture.

- Hands-on adjustments, assist, modify each asana, and use of props to best benefit each body.

- Respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, digestive systems. 

- Anatomy of Yoga workshop - 2-day intensive - Skeletal & muscular system - Concept of compression and tension (we will study lots of postures that can be done in a different way from people having a bone restriction or because of proportion of the bones - observation of the bones and planes of movements of each student.

- Vinyasa flow yoga: invites us to flow with life in the Here and Now, to surrender to what is, to let go of what was, and to have faith in what will be - how to link breath and movement, how to create dynamic and flowing sequences – teaching different levels - being creative in your own practice - Methodology of teaching.

- Study of other styles, such as Restorative, Hatha flow, and Therapeutic yoga.

- Meditation (definition – benefits – Techniques - mantras – mudras).

- Pranayama (breathing techniques) – bandhas

- Subtle AnatomyChakras balancing - (prana, nadis, kundalini, and the 7 main chakras) - How to apply the ckakras into your own practice and your classes.

- Proper diet: vegetarian and vegan diet - the 3 gunas - What to eat and what not to eat - Healthy recipes.

- Introduction to Ayurveda and the 3 doshas.

- Spirituality: what does that mean to be spiritual? what does yoga teach us? how to be a better person in this world? How to practice yoga philosophy in our daily routine. We will study various topics such as happiness, anger, compassion, detachment, letting go...

- What to do after the training? Registration with Yoga Alliance, opening your yoga studio, where to work...

- Student practice: How to adjust and assist each posture. 

- Two daily Sadhanas : dynamic Vinyasa Flow morning practice & soft evening practice.

- Student practical exam - Written exam - Graduation.

Review from students from the 200h-training:

Sophie - June 2019

Sandrine has an amazing energy and passion for the subject. Her anatomical knowledge was particularly impressive and I especially appreciated all of the assisting and adjusting skills that I was taught on her training.

Monika - June 2019:

My experience with the Vinyasa Flow Yoga School Mallorca teacher training was impressive. It was very profound, professional, intense and I learned incredibly much! The training was very good structured. The director of the school is amazing! She is very passionate about Yoga and her school and provides a profound knowledge which she shares with her students in a very powerful and effective way. I feel now perfectly prepared to apply all the knowledge and wisdom I was taught! I can definitely recommend this training!!!!

Melina - January 2019:

The transmission of knowledge. The good energy of Sandrine. Highly recommended!

Rachel - November 2018

Excellent Yoga School! Sandrine is a fantastic teacher, and I loved being in a small group of students to really get the most out of the course.

Celia - July 2018

Highly recommended! Sandrine is inspiring, passionate, and professional! The 200-h teacher training has been pure joy and life-changing!

Iki - August 2018:

An intensive, dynamic and deeply educational training led passionately by Sandrine. An unforgettable experience!

Georgina - July 2018

Incredible experience practicing yoga in Mallorca with Vinyasa Flow Yoga School. I learned so much not just through the asana practice but through Sandrine's passion to live in all aspects of life. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course to deepen their knowledge of yoga even if they may not want to teach.

Roberta - July 2018:

Sandrine is a magical yoga teacher: she teaches more than simple theoretical and technical concepts, she guides you on a deep trip through your self. I warmly recommend her.

Eshtar – November 2017:

Sandrine is very enthusiastic about what she is doing and teaches yoga with passion and playfulness. At the same time, her teaching is correct and adapted to everyone`s needs. I am glad I found her to learn more about vinyasa style in a lively way.

Janica  August 2017: 

Sandrine is a wonderful person full of love and passion for what she does, she is eager to share her extensive knowledge & experience and really connects with her students at a personal level - I can't imagine a better place to learn all about yoga and life itself. I will definitely continue coming back to Sandrine to deepen my practice and would recommend her training to anyone.

Jessica - August 2017: 

Sandrine is fantastic!! With so wide and deep knowledge and has such an inspiring way to teach!
Never felt so safe with a yoga teacher before!

Mariela - January 2017: 

Un lugar en donde te encontrarás a ti mismo y aprenderás a fluir con la vida.