Anatomy for Yoga - Therapeutic course

This therapeutic 2-day course is designed to deepen your understanding of the muscular and bone system, to learn how to practice and teach yoga postures in a safe way.


The topics covered in this workshop are:
- Skeletal system,
- Muscular system - we'll study everything we should know about the muscles,
- Range of movements (flexion, extension, adduction, abduction ...) in the major joints (shoulders, hips and spine)
- Study in depth of the anatomy of the spine, hips and shoulders (bones, ligaments, muscles, movements, restrictions of each movement in all joints),
- Study of the major muscles involved in all movements of contraction,
- Concept of tension and compression (muscle and bone restriction)
- Comparing the shape of the bones of each student,
- Observing different bodies and restrictions for each range of movements,
- Learning how to modify a posture according to the body's limits and its restrictions.


We will study a number of yoga postures with specific movements and muscles involved in each one.

We'll understand why yoga postures don’t look the same on everybody, why we don’t do postures the same way.

We’ll learn how to recognize whether the restriction comes from a muscular tension or a bony compression.

Knowing this concept helps to prevent any damage or physical injury, and to teach and practice in a safe way.


Course material: workbook + a certificate of attendance for the 2-day course.

Subtle energy & Chakras clearing workshop

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Partner Prenatal Workshop - Labor & Movements
We'll study all the different movements and positions to do during labor and childbirth, to ease discomfort, to help the baby descend in the pelvis, and to understand how the pelvis moves during the phases of labor and birth.
This Master Class is open to all pregnant women with their husband / partner.

This partner class allows the future parents to be prepared to receive their child with stress free. They will learn how to breath and connect together.

The different movements and positions we will see in this workshop are recommended to be done during the whole pregnancy as a preparation for childbirth.


​More details coming soon...